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Life's Lessons


Life's Lessons are new every day we wake up we learn something new about life


At first I had a real hard time with changing my way of living in the here and now


The life style AA was pushing with the God thing just did not really appeal to me


Did not want God's condemning judging ways in my life anymore I was doing fine


All I needed to do is learn how to drink the right way like social drinking


Still thought I could do thing with out anyone’s help

Who need people telling them what to do all the time?


My life was in the crapper and still wanted it my way

How sick was I its not like I could ever drink in safety again


Well life is a constant change and you change or go

This is the lesson we all learn in recovery


Old life habits are very hard to change

I did have to change and learn new lessons or just die


I started to slowly change my life style from that selfish SOB that I was

To a caring and loving person


Greatest change I have ever made because of this program was

I found out that there is a God and I am not He


He could do for me what I could not do for myself

All I had to do is get out of the way and let Him


I needed to learn all about who I was and how I fit into the picture of His will


Not My will to fit my selfish ways

Big change working on me and looking at harms I did


Instead of looking for someone to blame for all my mistakes


Making amends was a big step forward to changing my attitudes about things


Along with knowledge of His power I have been give this gift of sobriety


Today I love the new way of life I have I met many new friends everyday


And I have a marriage that is blessed by God Himself my wife is my angel


And we share or new lives together in recovery we sponsor many people


We enjoy the company of AA folks very much wherever we met them


Today my purpose in life is to make changes in my own life finding God's will for me


Also to help others make changes in their lives to find their own high power


I try living by the prayer of St Francis living to give instead of looking to receive


Today I have a new way of life free from hopelessness anger guilt and remorse


I can now use my past to help others in finding themselves in there recovery


The 12 steps of recovery are so freely given us


God has many lessons to teach each and every one of us


He will only teach us when we are ready to accept His will for today


Everyday is a new beginning to try and do Gods will for just this one simple day


Being human I still have many faults I still am learning about


As the lessons continued the months turned in years but still each day I have another lesson to learn about myself and how I relate to life and how I relate to others


The lessons never stop life seems to get better every day as long as I remember


Whose will I am doing just staying sober and daily changing my life with His help?


Reaching out and given back what He and this fellowship has given

Me freedom from the bottle and myself


Everyday we are given the opportunity to learn a new lesson in life


If we ask God's help each morning to do what is right


And thank Him at night for all our blessings He has given us today


We will stay happy and sober


God bless each of you



Page written and Designed by AL__LT 30

 All E-mail Addresses are held in Strict Confidence