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Spiritual Tools

Surrendering was very hard till I found the toolbox full of spiritual tools

God has given me so many of them its simply his grace working in my life

He knew I would some day turn to Him and ask for the help I needed

But to be ready for this every drink I took every mistake I made had to happen

For me to reach that bottom I had to become as desperate as a dying man could be

For me spirituality knows God is there for me and I have been awakened to this

Spiritual awakening is simply the knowledge that there is a power greater than myself

It’s that awareness that some form of a higher power is now working in my life

Very few in recovery have that white light spiritual experience Bill had

When I started my journey into recovery I had no real belief system

The day had come for me to admit my powerlessness over my life not just alcohol

I finally ask God with all the honesty and humility to remove the desire to drink

Well I had this spiritual experience that night lying on my mothers hide a bed

I was awaken to the knowledge God is doing for me what I had asked of Him

I went into a deep sleep that lasted 36 hours I awoke with this fantastic sense of

Well being I call total serenity this was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt in my life

Nothing on earth could ever match what I was given God let me feel His presents

From that day on I had a wonderful relationship with the God of my understanding

There are many different ways to express spirituality and I know He is showing me my way

Spirituality is not religion it is the yearning from my heart toward God

God and AA sure gave me this life of peace love and serenity

He will for you if you ask Him God loves us all 

God bless you all

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