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Anger is anger self-righteous is just a loaded gun to your head there is NO! Justification

Anger is just resentments and fear turned against myself and taken out on others around me

I was told when I first came to halls that I have to change things about myself not others

I had tear down the false ego to build up self-esteem I had to look at fear and let go of the anger 

As I listen to share after share I began to see people were walking the walk not just talking the talk 

They did have balance in their lives and seemed grateful they did not have the anger and fear

They were happy well-adjusted and content with life and they had been telling me the truth 

The steps of this program do keep us sober with less angry fear anxiety and hopelessness

I was told to sit and listen to people who speak from their hearts and to listen with my heart 

Learn how to forgive and let go of the past forgive myself and let go of the anger and hatred 

Every time I went into my mind alone I always got mugged 

Yet I kept going back in there over and over again

I fear going in there alone my disease is still hanging out trying to get me back out to drink 

Anger is not a thing we can deal with very well its best left to the so-called normal people 

I needed to look at resentments long before the anger rises into rage and hatred 

I started to share my feelings with another person and we worked the steps together

Was truthful because it was hard to tell when I was lying to myself with out his help 

From all this I started on my journey and I have followed the 12 steps into recovery

God had put a many wise people into my path He removed the desire to drink from me 

With God and my gratitude for all I have been given I do believe that anger has been put aside 

And for most of the time it has been replaced with Love and respect for others in fellowship

May you find your God now thanks for letting me share

Page written and Designed by AL__LT 30

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