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Basics of sobriety


Rarely have we seen a person fail who has "thoroughly "followed our path


And you never do fail at recovery until you stop trying to follow the path


Telling our stories what we used to be like what happened and what we are like now


I decided I wanted what AA had and I was willing to go to any length to get it


Carrying the message is for us all but you need to get it before you can give it


What I do is very simple because I stick to the basics that’s what sobriety is all about


My alcoholism is not cured and never will be if I stray to far form the teachings of AA


I will be lost again to suffer the misery of my past and will most likely get drunk again


God asked me to give up one thing alcohol and he took my desire to drink away


I needed to get humble and honest I was not constitutionally incapable of being honest


But I did need to become humble enough to ask God to remove the desire to drink from me


Then I needed to take the time to find out who I was and who I could become


AA gave me a new life and the tools to use the big book and step book slogans etc


If I get active in helping others to help themselves I will stay sober and have a happy life


The very basics of AA is to learn the steps and to reach out to others who suffer


Show them the unconditional love and fellowship we got when we came into the halls


I just had to get active in my own recovery and by doing that I could help others see the way


Just by sharing my ESP at functions like dances breakfast’s holiday parties many more


I have learned it’s also about having some fun in recovery and enjoying life to the fullest


I stick to the basics and I must do my part to make it possible for others to recover


God works thru people stay with the basics and AA will carry on for us all


God bless each of you





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