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Well now it’s very hard not to get discouraged at times not just in recovery

But also in life itself after all I am still just a human being

And I would like every thing to run like clock works but even a clock breaks down at times

So despair is very much a part of my life its what I do to avoid this despair that counts

Do I sit and sulk or get drunk or do I do the next right thing

Like talk things over with another friend or seek other kinds of help from professionals

I have found many times in my sober life things that were very discouraging

And I have felt the hopelessness and despair slip back into my life

When we lost or 11-year-old grandson to cerebral palsy

We were there to help our daughter and her family thru their despair

Thank God we could be there for them in their time of need sure despair comes to us all

Fear depression anger rage and resentments are all right there on my shoulder

Just waiting like the bottle to take over my life again

The big difference is that I have God at my side today

And by using God when times get rough is a blessing because I can turn to Him for help

I have in daily practice been turning to Him to help me stay away from that first drink

These repetitive actions saved sanity and yes even my life more than once in recovery

My wife and I have many health problems today

We do get very discouraged at times when God seems just out of reach

But thanks to the 12 steps of AA I can get back on track quickly today

And God has never given me more than I could handle in just one day

God bless all thanks for being here for me

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