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Short Comings


No more struggles with booze no more struggles with myself

but AA did not promise me a life free from all conflicts


When I got here I had to go thru the same withdrawal as everyone else


staying sober Trying to get my family back not knowing

it was never going to happen because of my shortcomings


My X-wife had enough of my crap so now I had to find something to live for

and that was for my two kids I had visiting rights that where very good


X never tried to keep me from seeing or being with my kids


That was my first blessing in the struggle to stay sober

and change my behaviors and shortcomings


I started to become the Dad I should have always been

I gained the love and respect of my kids back


Also something else the respect of my X wife  bye working thru my past


I have made many amends To many people and have gain respect form them

 only because I became more honest and respectable


But life still goes on and the steps teach us how to deal with struggles of living life sober


Not everything is peaches and cream it’s easy to stay sober when everything is going great


But life does thru is a curve ball every now and then that’s where the teachings of the steps


And the love of God keeps us together in times of tragedy when the unthinkable happens to us


Or to our family members that’s when the real test of our sobriety comes


can we overcome tragedy Well if we have practice the principles of recovery

we can and better than normal people do I think


Its because of the spiritually that the steps taught us we can get thru these things


And still see the light thru the darkness of the moment

 God is always with us thru the struggles of life


And we are truly blessed with His unconditional love

His guidance thru all our struggles


God bless each of you as He has me


Page written and Designed by AL__LT 30

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