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Spirit of Fellowship


Where would we give this program back if we did not have a spirit of fellowship?


To share our hopes and strength with where else could we find the really true Friends?


Who would stand by us in adversity when we find ourselves isolated by the disease?


A disease that has always made us feels alone and hopelessly lost to everything


All my old friends dropped away when I need support I know I could not do it alone


I know I was alone too long and I needed the strength that comes only from that spirit


I needed the power of the group and a God of my understanding to help me thru life


Our program is based on the hope and love and our strength is from caring about others


Many have been in dark and lonely places too they are our hope and we are their hope


They understand they are our brothers and sisters in fellowship of the spirit


They understand and they do not condemn us they have compassion

that comes from the spirit of fellowship


We have this bond of love trust and friendship in our common bonds of being in recovery


As I learn to trust them I participate in a new friendship

 that give me understanding strength and love


I need support and I always have found it through my program and in my home group


I learned the lesson of my life thru the teachings of this fellowship I have real freedom


I have real happiness today because I practice the 12 steps of recovery


With out all the people who came before me I would not have stayed sober


And I would still be lost in a sea of despair

thank God for AA and the fellowship that is here today


And thank God those others are finding the same trust and love we had found


Yes without this fellowship we would quickly lose are hope and strength and be lost again


Our Twelfth Step tell us to reach out to others and carry the message of our program


Its then the spirit of the fellowship shines thru offering its experience strength and hope


Thru a loving caring God who has blessed us with recovery to carry to others who suffer


God bless each of you


Page written and Designed by AL__LT 30

 All E-mail Addresses are held in Strict Confidence