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1. Why is Step Five necessary to sobriety and peace of mind in recovery?


Step four revealed those experiences I did not want to remember I know how wrong thinking and wrong actions have hurt others as well as hurt myself All the steps deflate our egos and for me step five was what I needed the Ego to be deflated I could not find any real peace of mind if I were to continue to be the ruler of the universe I had to find the power greater than myself in order to accept my character defects and short comings given me peace of mind and freedom from self


2. Is step five considered a confession an ancient discipline?


When I had to look at my mistakes in step four God had already known what they were it was no problem talking to God about my mistakes but to get the real benefit of step five I had to seek out that other human being to share my assets as well as all my many liabilities to try and do this on my own I would only be looking at myself thru my own eyes and not much of the truth would come out I needed a real house cleaning and could only get that by sharing with another human being I also discovered that relief never come by confessing the sins of other people I had to confess my own character defects and short comings


3. Why is a fearless admission of all our defects important to our sobriety?


For me I needed to find my real flaws in my character and had to be shown what my shortcomings were and I needed an understanding and trustworthy person to share them with this person being trustworthy and honest gave my the insight to go over all my defects and he could point out where I was being dis-honest with myself I believe God put the right person into my life when I needed to take this fifth step


4. What do we receive from Step Five?


For me I did get rid of that sense of isolation loneliness and despair I knew I now belong to a fellowship that truly loved me and wanted the best of life for me I stopped suffering with the feeling I didn't quite belong I started to open up to many others sharing my experiences of losing the fear and loneliness the horrible feeling of guilt and shame I had the new found faith I now had in my higher power who I chose to call God all loving and understanding most of all I can now share the hope of a new way of life to anyone who wants this program

5. Do we learn humility?


Our first practical move toward humility must consist of recognizing our defects. No defect can be corrected unless we clearly see what it is. But we shall have to do more than see. The objective look at ourselves we achieved in Step four was, after all, only a look. All of us saw, for example, that we lacked honesty and tolerance, that we were beset at times by attacks of self-pity or delusions of personal grandeur. But while this was a humiliating experience, it didn't necessarily mean that we had yet acquired much actual humility. Though now recognized, our defects were still there. Something had to be done about them. And we soon found that we could not wish or will them away by ourselves humility was needed to get honest and share with that other human being



6. Do we gain honesty and realism about ourselves?


Honesty about others and myself was the relief I got by doing Step Five. Taken my own inventory I found how much trouble self-delusion had been causing all my life when I tried to lie to others as well as lie to myself. Taken this fifth step gave me the feed back from this other human being as to when I was deceiving he showed me where I was to look in my defects and how really admitted them, even to myself was going to relieve Because we were still bothered by fear, self-pity, and hurt feelings, it was probable we couldn't appraise ourselves fairly at all. Too much guilt and remorse might cause us to dramatize and exaggerate our shortcomings. Or anger and hurt pride might be the smoke screen under which we were hiding some of our defects while we blamed others for them. Possibly, too, we were still handicapped by many liabilities, great and small we never knew we had.


7. What are the biggest dangers of rationalization?


††††††††††† The biggest danger in rationalization is when I go into my own head alone I am in very dangerous territory I needed to have another person to be with me to get his thoughts on my inventory going it alone in spiritual matters is dangerous because we always look for the easy way out doing in alone having a sponsor helps to be able to sort out the truth from what I thought was the truth in my own sick mind




8. How do we choose the right person to confide in for this step?


††††††††††† For me I had a lot of trouble with this at first my sponsor knew almost everything about me but I did hold back on some things I did and had fear of telling about this I told him that and he said when we go on the spiritual retreat why donít you ask the priest to listen to your fifth step you already have gone over most of it with me its time to get all the garbage out and you will feel save doing it there so thatís how I chose the right person or should a say people to share my fourth step with I did do a complete one with that priest like the step said we need to make a beginning as soon as we can then you can choose someone else for the more difficult and deeper revelations and my choice was the retreat and the priest


9. Are the results of this step true tranquility and consciousness of God, as we understand Him?


††††††††††† To me it was the first time I felt completely at peace with myself shortly after that fifth step I had a true spiritual experience I felt the presents of God enter my life this was the most wonderful thing I ever felt in my life it was total serenity absolute peace with in me like God came down and pick me up and held me in His arms I have felt His presence in my life on other occasions but never like that first time it was pure love that day






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